Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

The last updated of our Terms and Condition was posted on 01 July 2021.


Greeting and welcome to Advance Clipping Path. Please read our Terms and condition carefully because it very much affects your legal rights and we can resolve any type of difference that may arise between us which isn’t include our agreements. These terms and conditions are only used for the website. This site own by Image Editor Bangladesh. Image Editor Bangladesh reserve the right of terms and condition for any change, modification and add or removal of anything else at any time.


These Terms and Conditions maintain our privacy policy and other posted guideline within our site collectively say “legal Terms” establish the entire agreement which made between you and Advance Clipping Path. Customers can check the all Terms and Conditions point by point for his well known regarding any issues. Actually, it’s an own responsibility of all customers. If you agree to our terms and condition you can use our site otherwise you are not permitted to use this site. If you are browsing this site( we mean that you are agreed to maintain our all rules, Terms and Condition which are follows:


The Terms are follows:


  1. This content of this web site pages only general information for you. It may be changeable any time without further notice.


  3. We will not take liabilities for your any use of information and others elements on this site as per your need. Any type of products, services or information on this site it can be fulfill your need or not also we are not liable for this reason.


  5. All the content of this website is definitely owned by Advance Clipping Path. Advance Clipping Path also deserves the design, layout, look and graphics on this site. Anyone can’t be able any use of these site elements without permission as per copyright rules.


  7. It may be a criminal offense of any illegal use of this website.


  9. We are not able to grant any type of performance, timeliness, accuracy, completeness, warranty and guarantee from third parties. Though you have seen any error or if can be any error in the terms and conditions but it’s permitted by laws which is we expressly exclude liability.


  11. Other links may be included of this website from others day by day. It provides for your convenience but we have no responsibility for those websites links.


  13. By the agreed all of Terms and Conditions you may be requesting any project on behalf of any organization or business or others from you.


  15. You must be responsible for all Image, Graphics and any type of content which you send us. You agreed that without the appropriate authorization from any third party you will not send us files, Images, Graphics, Text etc. And you will not include any copyrighted elements from third party. By placing an order on this site which is sent to us,  Advance Clipping Path you will be warranted of all necessary permission and processes the order as per your requirements.


  17. To use this website, if arising any issues which do not include this web site it will be solved as per laws of our country.


This website including all elements (Example: Content. Images, Graphics etc) are copyright of Advance Clipping Path all rights reserved. You use this element of the website with some of the conditions like as: You may be download or print any elements only for personal use but you ensure that you will not use commercially. Without our written permission you can’t use any contents of this website commercially.

Collect the Information:

For the customers services we may collect name and address, Cell Number, E-mail ID and other relevant Information from the Customers.

Why we collect the information?

First of all we collect the information for the keeping of internal record. We can use the information when we will send the Quotation and Invoice. It helps us to improve our services. If we are keeping the customer’s information we can be offering them our new products and services. Subject to the requirements we may contact you at any time. Finally, this information may help us with our website development and market research.

Free Trial

Advance Clipping Path offering you a free trail up to two images for the judgments our quality and others. For the free trial you must visit our website and fill up the free trial. ACP can be refuse the free trial services without any notifications since ACP reserves the rights.


Before the starts of job individual clients essential to pay for the work. After the job delivery within 7 days must be payment completed. The corporate client can get extra time for credit but it definitely defends on the satisfactory relation with Advance Clipping Path. Advance Clipping Path can provide the option of yearly payment. All options will be fixed by the discussion between ACP and clients.

Refund Policy

We are ensure that we always providing you our best service as per your requirements. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 90 days from the order date, we will refund the full cost of your order.

Quality Guarantee

Don’t be confused for our quality. We ensure and maintain the best and highest quality as per your need. ACP always try for the highest quality services. Sometimes if you are not satisfied with our work we will do any corrections as per your requirements. But Advance Clipping Path reserve the right not to make any amendments if the error is created for not understanding communication or like as it is from the client’s part.

Edited Images & Metadata

From the images which you sent us all metadata information, we will remove them. We may change your image’s metadata for some security issues which will contain our information.

Use of Image

Advance Clipping Path can be used in your free trial Images without permission for promotional purposes and publishing on the website. But the option is here that we can send you the mail for the permission for images use or you can send us a mail for the permission. It’s not mandatory for the free trial images.

Disclaimer of website

Including all contained in the website for the general information purpose only. All information was provided by the Advance Clipping Path and we are now up to date. We are not presenting any kind of express or implied about reliability, accuracy, or availability with respect to the website or contained on the website for any purpose. If you fall in any unwanted issues for the Dependency of our website, in that situation we are not liable for any type of loss or damage. You are able to link up another website that is not under the Advance Clipping Path by the use this website. For those sites, we have no control over the content and availability. Always we are trying to upgrade this website for smoothly run. If the website is provisionally inaccessible due to technical issues beyond our control, Advance Clipping Path will not be liable.