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In this digital era, we frequently use the ‘Photo Retouching’ term which refers to use of different photo editing services to improve and modify an image to look more appealing. It’s a digital treatment of an image or photograph. This is the most commonly used process by advertising and social networks […]

Our photo retouching work sample

What is photo retouching?

In this digital era, we frequently use the ‘Photo Retouching’ term which refers to uses of different photo editing services to improve and modify an image to look more appealing. It’s a digital treatment of an image or photograph. This is most commonly used process by advertising and social networks for business purpose. Photo retouching in not something new, this has been using since long time ago to have a greater expressive effect and to correct any mistakes also. Photo retouching is a useful tool for a perfect polished outlook by eliminating imperfections as well. There some well known applications which allows this digital photo retouching like Adobe photoshop, Corel Photo-paint, Adobe Litghtroom , GIMP etc.

Types of Photo retouching: Normally, photo retouching may seem to be a single job to do but it requires a lot of specifics to do. Lots of retouching we can do in an image to look it best. Here you go through the various services that can be found under this photo retouching services:


These are the services which are given under a photo retouching process. Those who are publishers or owner of any website usually takes the help of model to represent their products are in need of this photo retouching services most. Because to grab the attention of viewers, models are presents in a good-looking way by covering dark spots on their faces or by doing other retouches of imperfections.

Currently in e commerce product photography and editing part are playing a very important role. As we know product retouching is used by the fashion industry like jewelry, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, watches, food photography, electronic equipment photos, kitchen utilities, automobile accessories, furniture, medical equipment, etc. Whatever may be the size on one’s business, a large business or small good photos of products are vital part. Thus, photo editing and retouching services linked with e-commerce now a days.

And to do so there are lots of companies or options are open to choose. Now let’s talk about Advance clipping path’s way of workings on this category. This will help you to make a decision for working with us next. We’re proud to offer a fast, inexpensive photo retouch which is accessible for everyone. Often, camera photos are not beautiful enough. Hence, you need to use a variety of photo editing tools and techniques, and serving you this art ACP is known as best photo retouch service provider. We follow a well-defined and unique process for delivery of our photo retouching services.

We ACP are best and different than others because we give importance on your priorities and your requirements first. We always offer our clients a special approach for their images with creativity and innovations. We think differently about the importance of photo retouching in photography and for online product selling. While working with your image, we try our best to help improving your shooting skill and marketing promotions. We normally offer 02 types of photo retouching services to our clients, like Standard and Premium.

Standard photo retouching

Standard photo retouching includes the basics process which may requires highly 5mintues to our specialist team members. And our Standard Retouching available at $ 0.49 per photo and includes activities like:

Colour and tone correction.
Brightness, contrast and saturation changing.
Vignetting and toning (per request).
Small blemishes removal.

Premium retouching:

Premium retouching requires special works for image retouching. And this may take up to 5 hours per image retouching. Every single detail in the photo given much more time, effort and attention to make it look like a magazine cover. ACP’s Premium Package includes everything that the Standard Package provides, and:

Remove blemishes, acne, and dirt
Soften wrinkles and creases
Enhance eyes, lips, and other features
Remove redness from eyes
Whiten Teeth
Re-shape eyebrows and eyelashes
Add volume to eyelashes and hair
Improve complexion
Remove unwanted hair & Hair retouching.
Increase contrast and visibility
Fix exposure
Re-balance colors
Improve lighting
Improve image composition
Crop out unwanted detail
Removal of unwanted objects.
(replacement and/or extension of the background, change of clothes, hair or eyes color – according to the client’s brief).

All of these things mentioned and more! Which are included in our photo touch-up service. One will be got astonished at how much we work on photos to get improved by a large number of small, subtle changes. ACP’s premium retouching is perfect for fashion, beauty and product photography. Let’s have a look on some examples of such ‘Before & After’ images:

Advance clipping path is always ready to deliver the best photo retouching services. We work on boring image of a perfect product online, also there is a dull product with a crunchy view and gorgeous model. This magic can be done by ACP’s photo retouching procedure. We work for providing highly professional photo retouching and image enhancement services in bulk for photographers & photo studios, graphic designers & agencies, printing & publishing companies, marketers & marketing agencies, e-commerce site owners and project managers and for many more. Our offered price is very competitive undoubtedly and your first photo will come with a 50% discount. After that, you can choose from 2 different photo retouching levels. We’ll be happy to help you by doing your photo retouching job done. We are waiting for you. You can start with a free trial. After that, every image will cost $.... to edit.

Our other services

ACP work with a variety of formats like as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, raw digital files and other major image formats. We undertake format conversion according to client specifications also. There are several more services we do offer our clients along with this photo retouching such as real estate photo editing, image background removal, 3D modeling, video editing, etc too.